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Contained herein is an outline of the group benefits which FNIS can provide for the employees of all groups, including First Nations communities and their affiliated services, including Boards of Directors, Chiefs and Councillors, Elders, Senators, and privately-owned First Nations businesses.

The FNIS group insurance plan was implemented July 1, 1991 and fulfills the following objectives:

  • Protect treaty rights of treaty employees
  • Offers a group insurance plan for eligible employers which provides:
    • a) relatively uniform benefits
    • b) a high degree of benefits choices available to the employer for their employees
    • c) relatively similar benefits for Status and Non-Status employees
    • d) ability to tailor make a plan to meet the specific needs of our groups
    • e) quality service to all parties involved
  • Provides an opportunity for creating employment for First Nations individuals
  • Provides accountability to employers and members
  • Attains the advantages available by virtue of one large group (rather than many small groups)
  • Improves understanding and communication with respect to the program, and provides for a consistent process of claims administration and adjudication

To join the FNIS Group Insurance Plan the employer chooses the benefit levels desired from the basic benefits and is also able to add a combination of the optional benefits. In this way, each employer designs their own plan to meet the needs of their employees.

For Status employees, the FNIS plan was designed to enhance delivery of medical needs in coordination with those services provided by Heath Canada, and the favourable premium rates reflect this.

More particulars and a specific quotation may be obtained, without obligation, by completing an Employee Census sheet. These sheets are available by contacting First Nations Insurance Services Limited Partnership at 1-800-667-4712.

All benefits are underwritten by Blue Cross Life Insurance Company of Canada, RBC Life Insurance Company of Canada and Saskatchewan Blue Cross and Homewood Health.

The Plan is made up of the following benefits:

Basic Benefits

Optional Benefits

Please complete both of the attached forms should you wish to obtain a quote.

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