Our logo’s history

The Creator gave the human family his gifts within a sacred circle. This sacred circle has four sacred quarters and the great gifts from the creator are given in fours. The four sacred quarters of the sacred circle contain the four great meanings of protection, nourishment, growth and wholeness.

All the logo is within this sacred circle. The Great Eagle known to the Plains Cree as Akimaw-Piyasiw, represents the company – First Nations Insurance Services Limited Partnership. It was said the skills of the eagle were invoked through its certain feathers to guide chiefs and warriors. Eagle feathers when worn represent strength and integrity; thus, the eagle (in the logo) represents protection through strength and integrity.

Within the security of the eagle’s great wings is the teepee. The teepee represents the security of protection, nourishment, growth and wholeness that First Nations Insurance Services Limited Partnership provides to its’ clientele and their families. A teepee has 14 poles and each pole means obedience, respect, humility, happiness, love, faith, kinship, cleanliness, thankfulness, share, strength, good child rearing, hope and ultimate protection. The binding that binds the poles together on top represents honesty. The teepee covering is held together in front by 14 pins that represent the keeping intact of a family.

About the Artist

Willard Ahenakew, a natural, gifted artist, and member of the Ahtahkakoop Reserve designed First Nations Insurance Services Limited Partnership’s new logo for unveiling at their 10th Anniversary Banquet.